iPhone Tutorial

Converting your MP3 ringtones to work on your iPhone takes just a couple of minutes.

This tutorial will explain how to get iTunes to do the conversion for you.

Save yourself a little time though, measure the MP3 ringtone and make sure it is LESS THAN 30 SECONDS LONG
– if you don’t you’re going to follow these steps and get an error message from iTunes when you try to sync informing you that it wont work on the phone so it’s not even going to transfer it.

Start iTunes.

From the FILE menu, select “Add File To Library”.

Locate and select the MP3 file you want to convert.

iTunes will then import that file into the iTunes Music Library (not as a ringtone yet).

Navigate through the Music library until you find your ringtone file.
– If you used RingJone to create the MP3 ringtone, all the original info will still be in the file so iTunes will have saved it into the recording artist/album section.
– If you created the MP3 file from a recording you made yourself it will be an “Unknown Artist” section.

If you had the full length original file in iTunes already, you’ll now see two versions, one at the original play length and one that is your ringtone length of under 20 seconds.

Right-Click on the ringtone length file and select “Create AAC Version”.
– If you used RingJone to create the MP3 ringtone, after a second or two you’ll see a new file appear in the current folder.
– If you created the MP3 file from a recording you made yourself the new file will be another new “Unknown Artist” section.

Drag this new file onto your desktop.
– You can check it’s definitely the AAC version you’re about to drag by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Get Info”, The KIND of file for the AAC file will be “AAC audio file”.

When you have the file on your desktop, rename it from a .m4a file to a .m4r file.

Then Back to iTunes and delete the short AAC and MP3 files from your iTunes Library.

Then re-select “Add File To Library” from the File menu and select the newly created .m4r file.

Once imported, this file will be located under the Ringtones section in the Music Library.

Sync up your iPhone and configure the phone to use the new ringtone and you’re done.