RingJone support


RingJone is written in Java so it should would on every windows, apple and linux computer. Computers being computers, however, mean that sometimes you need a bit of help getting it going.
On Windows and Apple computers you should just be able to double click on the icon and have RingJone run for you. If this doesn’t happen automatically, you can give it a helping hand from the command line with:

java -jar RingJone.jar
When you click on the advert at the bottom of the snipit screen, RingJone will try its best to run your favorite browser to take you to the web, if these popups don’t work, we have a workaround for this, click here for detailed instructions on this.
RingJone Tutorial
Click here to Register RingJone
Use MP3 ringtones on your iPhone
Email us at if you need help or support
You can make RingJone look different to suit your own style by creating your own images for the background and buttons. It’s not hard, locate where you downloaded RingJone to on your computer, create a new folder there called images. Then copy a selected background GIF file into this folder calling it:

Have some fun with the picture that appears on the front screen too. Same images folder as above but the name of this file needs to be


You can update the buttons too: button_select_mp3_file.gif, button_back.gif, button_next.gif, button_play.gif, button_stop.gif, button_play_snipit.gif, button_snipit_start.gif, button_snipit_end.gif, button_left_1.gif, button_right_1.gif, button_10.gif, button_stop.gif, marker_snipit_start.gif, marker_snipit_end.gif and button_select_another_mp3_file.gif. RingJone will automatically make your image darker when the button is pressed, if any image you select to use instead of our image doesn’t look good with this automatic darkening, you can make your own “pressed” images too, e.g. pressed_button_back.gif, pressed_button_10.gif etc.